Every Dollar Makes a Difference

What is Dollar-A-Day?

At Info Day we request for a donation of $365 per student to jump start our fundraising for the year. Our goal this year is 100% participation. We are asking every Bancroft family to support our school by making a donation! We know every family situation is different, and we encourage every family to participate regardless of the dollar amount. No amount is too small, and every dollar makes a difference. We also offer installment plans and the ability to donate throughout the year.

School Year 2023-2024

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Why Dollar-A-Day is so important?

This year your contributions make a tangible difference in our children’s experience at Bancroft by:

  • Funding 5 invaluable instructional assistants to support students and teachers in classrooms and across campus, STEAM/ ART lab instructor to challenge and inspire students, garden educator to share the joy of growing a nutritious and beautiful garden while learning about nature hands-on, school counselor to support students in social-emotional learning and development. New for 2023/2024: Bancroft PFC has funded a Math specialist for our Bancroft students struggling with math.
  • Funding enrichment programs and community building events: school assemblies and special programs to expand beyond classroom learning, family nights to bring our community together, art appreciation program to allow children explore the world of art and create their own masterpieces.
  • Providing teachers, staff, and students with necessary school supplies, playground supplies, and teacher material funds for every classroom.

In a typical year, approximately 60% of our budget comes from the Dollar-A-Day campaign (the rest raised by a combination of Walkathon, Spring Auction and Corporate Match), making it a critical start to our annual fundraising.

Your Contribution Counts and Your Support Matters! Your support sends a clear message to teachers that you value and endorse their efforts to continue to make Bancroft an exceptional learning environment for our children. To our community, parent support demonstrates that we value the educational experience and the people and programs that make it so special.

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Online Donation

No amount is too small, and every dollar makes a difference.  Credit and debit cards are accepted.

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